Services Offered

The following services are provided by Christian Women's Job Corps® of Madison County, Alabama

Free Job Readiness Classes

Our job readiness classes are designed to provide an array of experiences and skills that will allow our graduates to compete in the job market and create a better life for themselves and their families.

We teach basic computer skills, job search skills, money management, communications, and most importantly, Bible study.


Volunteer Internship Program

Volunteer Internship Program

CWJC® students with a high school diploma or GED participate in volunteer internships at local companies or non-profit organizations. The "hands on" experience is valuable in providing much needed job skills, an updated resume, and a good reference when the student begins her job search. The employers benefit as well from the extra help.

If a company has an open position this presents an opportunity for both the employer and potential employee to determine if there is a "good fit".


GED Tutoring

Students who need to obtain a GED are able to benefit from one-on-one tutoring by our group of trained volunteers. The GED tutoring program is only offered at The PLACE Ministry Center. Students are tutored in math and English only.


Career Clothes Closet

CWJC® operates a clothes closet at our First Baptist Church site. Current and past students as well as anyone with a referral from an agency are invited to "shop" for apparel and accessories as needed. The clothes are appropriate for job interviews and daily attire for an office setting. Due to the limited size of our closet, we ask that each person limit donations to no more than 50 clothing items. If you are handling the estate of a deceased family member or friend, we recommend that you donate the clothing to The Neighborhood Store (benefits Second Mile Development Preschool - those unable to afford the store items can volunteer for store credit), Christmas Charities (gives clothing away), or Asbury Thrift Store if you live in Madison.

Clothing donations can be dropped off on Tuesdays between 10:00 am and 12:00 pm at entrance #7 (this is the back of FBC facing St. Clair - enter our parking lot that is directly across the street from Huntsville Public Library). Pull your vehicle under the covered area and ring the doorbell, telling the receptionist at First Baptist that you are there for a clothing delivery. A volunteer will be called and will meet you at the entrance with a cart and a receipt for your taxes should you need one. For more information please call Elaine at 256-428-9435 or email at

Computer Donation Program

Students that have graduated from our program, having completed both the classroom and mentor phase, are eligible for donated, used computers. Priority on the waiting list is determined by previous class attendance while in the classrom phase of our program.

Owning a computer is important because it allows our students to continue to practice what they have learned in class. Also, if children are in the home it becomes a valuable tool for their class work.


Auto Donation Program


Some of our participants do not have reliable transportation. After graduation, each student has the opportunity to go through a separate application process to become eligible for a donated vehicle.

Cars are donated to CWJC® and then turned directly over to the graduate.


Scholarship Program

CWJC® of Madison County has set aside some funds as well as grant money to establish an endowment fund for educational scholarships for our graduates. Graduates of our program who desire to further their education may apply for scholarship money to supplement their own financial aid. If traditional financial aid is unavailable, our scholarships serve to relieve the financial cost of higher education.